There is nothing I love more than this temporary, unpredictable, inexplicable existence we all share.

When people say they aren't afraid to die, I can't relate, because I can't fathom losing the only existence I've ever known, and I don't have the faith to imagine something better beyond it.

The concept of the 'day' is how we most commonly organize our lives and process the passing of time. It is also a unit of measure for our successes, our failures, our growth. A fulfilling life should be filled with fulfilling days.

I plan to one day become tired (and satisfied) enough to willingly relinquish it all.

In the age of the blog, there are a million new songs a day, seemingly hundreds of new artists coming up each week. Subjectively judging them against each other, some artists appear “better” than others. But at Thrill City, judging music isn’t just a two-dimensional scale, an imaginary continuum from “Terrible” to “Incredible.” Some artists can have a catchy, great sound and even good lyrics, but still not really resonate with you. It isn’t just “This is good, that’s bad.” Julius Myth is one artist that transcends the continuum and forges a connection on a higher level. The instrumentals he chooses, the melodic delivery he employs and the material he includes in his songs are special. How his Day of the Deadbeats tape hasn’t exploded, I’m not exactly sure. 

This video, which we somehow slept on, was the first single from the tape. But don’t just hear this one out and turn off your computer— the whole tape is this good. Download it here. You can listen to this one from beginning to end. A lot of the time when people say that it’s a load of bullshit. This is not one of those times. 

Hopefully Thrill City will have more to do with Julius in the future! Definitely one of our favorite up-and-comers along with Chyron and K.O. Kid! 


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